Data Exchange Framework

Data Exchange Framework (DXF) is a powerfull ETL tool to import data between two systems. It provides framework and extensions to write your own provider to read , transform and write from one end point to another.

Each DXF process can be scheduled as a task in sitecore scheduler. DXF also provides capability to trigger the process from out side. (e.g. from a console application etc).

There are various componets involved for a DXF Process. For example, to migrate data from xml to sitecore, the DXF process might look like,

In this blog series we will look into how to create and configure a DXF workflow.

Series Posts

Data Exchange Framework:Installation And Overview

This post describes various terminologies used in Data Exchange Framework.

Data Exchange Framework:Simple Import

Simple import of data from database to sitecore using DXF.

DXF : Sitecore Provider

Sitecore provides a DXF extension to read/write data to sitecore.