Sitecore - Web Content Management Systems

Sitecore is an .net based  WCMS (Web Content Management System) and Digital Platform. It has rich tools for marketing automation and personalization tools to deliver right content to targetted audiances.

Sitecore provides tools and capabilities to

  • Content Management: Provides a complete capability to create/manage contents. Editor/Marketers can compose page dynamically based on predefined components.
  • Peosonalization: Personalize contents based on user type, user behavior and user interactions to the site. 
  • Analytics: Provides rich analytics reports to track vairous activities like page views, user interactions, goals, campaigns etc
  • ECommerce: Sitecore also has ecommerce platform to enable end to end commerce capability.

Sitecore is built on which is highly secure, scalable and mature framework from Microsoft. So it can easily integrate with all microsoft eco systems and enterprise applications. 

Sitecore provides several applications to manage contents. Some of the important applications includes following

Media Library: Manage Assets

Template Manager: Manage Templates.

Marketing Control Panel: Manage marketing assets, goal, campaigns, test etc

Content Editor : Add/Edit/Delete all Contents including media, templates and marketing assets

Security Tools: Manage Users, Roles, Security editor

Extensibility and Flexibility

Sitecore is designed to be higly flexible and extensible. Sitecore follows pipeline concept into each and every action, which gives us flexibility to

  • Include custom extensions
  • Control execution of process
  • Replace/remove exisitng implementation
  • Provide alternate solution to suit your requirements
  • Integrate with any external applications

Experience Editor

Sitecore provides capability to preview the content and edit it to see live changes. Editor can add component dynamically and see the changes before saving it. It also facilitate the editor to different langage and versions of an item.

MultiTenancy - Sites ,Langauges

A single sitecore instance can have multiple sites. Each site can have multiple languages and versions. We can setup separate user roles and permission against each site.

Market Place and Community

Sitecore marketplace have lots of custom modules available to extend sitecore functionalities. []